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Join us for our Annual CAPA Golf Outing
August 19, 2024.

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Why Support Child Abuse Prevention Through Awareness?

Prevention Through Awareness Works

It has been proven time and time again that the best way to prevent child abuse and neglect is through awareness. Many patterns and forms of abuse and neglect could be eliminated if people only knew how to prevent them.  

With Prevention There Are No Victims

Every victim of child abuse and neglect carries with them the physical or emotional consequences of their abuse, sometimes for a lifetime. With prevention, a young life has the opportunity not to be inhibited or scarred arbitrarily by the actions of another. 


The Effects of Child Abuse Are Devastating and Lasting
Abuse and neglect of any sort leaves behind mental and physical consequences. Children who are abused are more apt to continue the cycle of abuse. Multiple patterns of unhealthy and negative behavior have been attributed to and manifest themselves more fully and frequently in those who have been abused. 

Thank you Hillsdale County Community Foundation!

CAPA is very appreciative of the support and strong relationship between our organizations.

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