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Membership donations are essential to CAPA’s vitality and provide the financial means for its existence. Without donations from the community, CAPA will cease to exist and provide the services dedicated to eliminating child abuse and neglect in Hillsdale County. Over 25% of the funds needed to run CAPA’s programming come from generous community supporters, both individuals and corporate entities. Become a member and supporter today by filling out the membership application on the back of the newsletter or by clicking here and join the movement to eliminate child abuse in Hillsdale County!

Official Membership

Corporate Sponsor
(Support Exceding $1,501)

                  Randall & Nancy Guise Foundation

Platinum Sponsor
(Support from $1,001-$1,500)


Gold Sponsor
(Support from $501-$1,000)


              US Staffing Agency-Workers

              Moore Insurance Services

Silver Sponsor
(Support from $251-$500)


               Norris March IV DO

               Hillsdale Township Firefighters

               Hillsdale County Board of Realtors

               In memory of Norm Gibler

               Exchange Club of Hillsdale

               Michael N Warren

               Barry & Karen Hill

               Paul Spicuzza

               Team Perks-LifeWays

               Stillwell Ford Lincoln

               Cheri Rothfuss

               Dan & Melissa McCance

               Jesco Industries

               Linda Bryant-Solomon

Bronze Sponsor
(Support from $101-$250)


Mr. Mrs. William Teft

Heffernan Soft Water

Dennis Howard

Marceleine J Sautter

Gary & Pat Spink

Mary & Howard Houchen

John & Amy Waldvogel

Eric & Nicole Hoffman

Nancy & Keith Myers

Colin & Sharen Mayers

Max & Elaine Null

Basic Membership
(Support from $1-$100)


Steve & Janice Simons

James & Cherilyn Smith

David & Teresa Dye

Rod & Gail Ziegel

Linda Shigley

Rodney & Margaret Stewart

John W. Taylor, O.D., P.C.

Robert & Maxine Vanlerberg

Jeff & Shannan Clevenger

Teresa Vear

Charles & Cindy Hoard

Barbara & Terrance Groves

Richard & Jamie Bauerly

Shea & Emily Dow

Sue Ann Walter

Ann & Walter Zinser

Marvin & M. Elaine Rich

Thomas & Barbara Auseon

Ladd & Lindsay Cooney

James & Rhonda Fellabaum

Scott & Sharon Dow

Dee & Grigor Hasted

Colleen Steward

Pattie & Steven Nichols

Susan McIntyre Cervini

Ronald & Anita Coe

Marty & Connie Brumbaugh

Chef’s Way LLC

Donna Playford

Thomas Osbourne

Cheri & Matt Molinaro

Bill & Carolyn Fowler

David Steel

Gary & Sharon Draper

George & Maxine Gaffney

Jeffrey & Kelly Lantis

John & Loretta Bailey

Kevin & Angela Gautsche

M & S Construction and Concrete Leveling

Mary Cleveland

Mindy Eggleston

Scott Phillips

Stanley & Deborah Clingerman

Stephanie Thomas

Wesley & Jacquelin Wickham

William & Kathleen Adams

Pam Comstock

Thank You!

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