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Membership donations are essential to CAPA’s vitality and provide the financial means for its existence. Without donations from the community, CAPA will cease to exist and provide the services dedicated to eliminating child abuse and neglect in Hillsdale County. Over 25% of the funds needed to run CAPA’s programming come from generous community supporters, both individuals and corporate entities. Become a member and supporter today by filling out the membership application on the back of the newsletter or by clicking here and join the movement to eliminate child abuse in Hillsdale County!

Official Membership

Corporate Sponsor
(Support Exceding $1,501)
Gretchen Bunch

Platinum Sponsor
(Support from $1,001-$1,500)

Century Bank & Trust

Gold Sponsor
(Support from $501-$1,000)


             In Memory of Gloria Gripman

                       Sharon Rothfuss

               Hillsdale Exchange Club

                        Patricia Charlton

Silver Sponsor
(Support from $251-$500)

Lillis & Jansen, P.C.
Betty & Paul Blount DVM
Colin & Sharen Mayers
Dan & Melissa McCance
Linda Bryant Soloman
Norris E March IV DO
Jonesville Paper Tube
Michael Warren
Paul & Martha Spicuzza
Stillwell Ford Lincoln

Bronze Sponsor
(Support from $101-$250)


Colin & Sharen Mayers

Jonesville Rotary

Ron Giacobassi & Velvet Evans-Giacobassi

Jesco Industries, Inc.

Max & Elaine Null

Mr. & Mrs. William Tefft

Mary Cleveland

LifeWays Employees

Jonesville High School- Yearbook & FFA
Mary & Howard Houchen

Hillsdale City Police

Barry & Karen Hill

Basic Membership
(Support from $1-$100)


Bill & Kathy Adams

Mike & Kay Hoover

Rozanne Pauze

Don & Nancy Dunlop

Hillsdale Police Department

Hide & Seek Child Study

District Court Employees

Stanley & Debbie Clingerman

Jim & Cheri Smith

Curt Shaneour

Thomas & Barbara Auseon

Tom & Peggy Burkhart

Ms. Donna Playford

Kathy Bondsteel

Martha J. Smith

Colleen Steward

Mrs. Myrna Bailey

Barbara Seitz

In Memory of Gloria Gripman

Don & Eva Richardson

Rozanne Pauze

Shannan Clevenger

John & Margaret Scott

Shannon & Laura Miller

Hon. Donald & Mary Sanderson

David SteelPam Comstock

Max & Elaine Null

Shane & Jenny Spahr

Vicky Bowers

Trish Meyer

Cheri & Matt Molinaro

Shane & Jenny Spahr

Sue Walter

Terrance & Barbara Groves

Hillsdale Filling Station

Hannah Sayles

Mary Jo Congden

Jean & Brad Michael

Dennis & Lois Howard

Maria Reisch

Amanda Wittingen

Marcie Flint

Bill & Carolyn Fowler

Rod & Gail Ziegel

Ms. Diane Osbourne

Bruce & Beth Caswell

Ronald & Anita Coe

Don & Karen Michiea

John Taylor, O.D., P.C.

Vicki Hinshaw

Stephanie Thomas

Darrick & Denise Potter

Melinda Eggleston

Mary & Gary Wolfram

Rodney & Margaret Stewart

Eric & Nicole Hoffman

Susan Cervini

Linda & Christian McDowell

Shea & Emily Dow

Dr. Sharon Dow

Don Toffolo

Richard & Jamie Bauerly

Marvin & Elaine Rich

Teresa Vear

Mrs. Wilson’s Hive

Marcie Flint

The Udder Side

Rillie & Jack Thilo

Marceline Sautter

Gary & Pat Spink

Ed & Sandra Barr

Thank You!

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